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Globe of Warcraft 7.1 battle in the heart from the light

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    December 28, 2016

    World of Warcraft 7.1 battle with the heart with the light preview task
    The light heart campaign this week will usher in a new job, the soul prism 7.1 version of your update process I Ely Daley, require to collect 80 game player in the underground city of your wandering soul fragments sooner or later BOSS, weekly maximum of 10.
    This week after a subsequent activity I'll open, the past and the future from the Shadow Lord, when the game player a fantastic collection of soul Illidan containers, are going to be informed of the fact that Sageras intended to become the soul of Gul'dan poured into Illidan's physique, we've got to rush in ahead of he let Illidan soul return.
    Illidan is the soul of Hella fetters, we will need to beat (the courage trial) Hella recaptured Illidan immediately after the completion of the soul, can select a 870 shoulder or glove awards, four armor varieties are out there.

    Then the follow-up for the task I will need to wait for the evening Fort 7.1.five version will open.
    Additionally Sulama uprising may also usher inside the last second chapters, that may be to say there's a week is often completed, unlock the magic blade leopard mounts.

    The eighth chapter will job as challenging as steel, last week led the invasion with the palace Sulama game player Zaocuo, new chief arcanist and our internal Lilith was evil in captivity.
    You will need to visit save the tower Lisa and Lilith, but your dry law troops were the children with the evening the FEL magic shattered.
    In the panic right after Lilith rescued soon after you begin on the lookout for approaches to resist evil magic and started to try new techniques inside the evil spirit fortress. And identified a number of research to additional discover the notes from his old study space.
    Then you are ready to fight back towards the night of evil son!

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