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Final fantasy 14:4.0 version content material exposure

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    December 28, 2016

    Final fantasy 14>4.0 version content exposure subsequent June 20th on-line
    In December 24 to 25, Square Enix held a "Final Fantasy 14> fans festival in Tokyo International Exhibition Center, 7000 game player to participate in. In the meeting, the newest content material producer Yoshida Naoki announced the four version of" Lotus liberator ", and said the new version are going to be landing in June 20, 2017, Europe as well as the United states of america and served on sale, the game will probably be in January 24th the opening of pre orders.
    At the very same time, the official also announced several true machine image and set map, in addition to the new occupation red mage, the globe will come together under the new barbarians and water.
    In version 4, the game will bring a brand new occupation, red mage is one of them. Yoshida Naoki mentioned the red mage is often a remote occupation of pure DPS, the use of the sword (physical attack) along with the magic crystal (magic attack), beginning at level 50. In February 2017 the Frankfurt game show, the official will announce another new occupation.
    The new version with the underwater planet is mainly according to the process to start, the official also ready a great deal of water content material for the game player knowledge, roles can use breaststroke and freestyle in waters (Sprint state) and so forth., had been collected under the water, is just not for the underwater combat, but not breathing underwater swimming and drowning limit moreover, setting, Chocobo, flying mounts can also dive.
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