Madden NFL 18: Never Change A Winning Team

  • The "never change a winning team" can be limited to "Madden NFL 18". In comparison to its predecessor, EA keeps positive changes to the game for all football enthusiasts.

    The game offers three different game variants: Arcade, Simulation and Competitive. In arcade mode, the spectacle is in the foreground. Fast, exciting moves and outstanding catches determine the game, so that high scores are expected - so just the right thing for newcomers in the sport.

    The simulation mode, on the other hand, brings the game up close to reality. This game variant contains the original player and team values as well as the real NFL rules. Penalties, injuries and other random events of a typical match day can and will occur. Decisions regarding the squad and the game strategy determine victory or defeat.

    Finally, the competitive mode offers the real challenge for the Madden elite. Penalties, injuries and other random occurrences rarely occur at all. For this, the ability of the players on the controller is particularly in demand. Also interesting: The difficulty level can also be adjusted. From the beginner, the so-called Rookie over Pro, All-Pro to All-Madden, there is something for everyone.

    1st & Goal - Game Engine

    The time of the Ignite Engine seems to be over, because even Madden 18 was frosty with the latest edition. This time, as with FIFA 17, EA has been betting on the Frostbite Engine III. The graphics became even more realistic, player movements even more natural and the whole gameplay thereby a lot more fascinating. One could almost say it is a real live broadcast - thumbs up at this point.

    Touchdown Game Modes

    Offline, a simple match, whether alone or with a few mates from the couch, play or start a franchise in a career. In this case, the player again has the choice of being a player, coach or owner of a team.

    The regular game variant is in any case the simulation mode. In the seasons you get the chance to play only the offense, only the defense or the entire match.

    However, it is especially difficult for beginners to manage the whole team, as the diversity of Madden 18 is particularly evident. Among other things, you can individually promote each player of a team - and that is a whole lot of athletes. Special training exercises and challenges are available during the season, which give the players extra experience points.

    It is really exciting when you go online: the game with the "Madden Ultimate Team" (MUT) offers the possibility to build up a squad and fight against players all over the world. For the first time it is now also possible to build a team with friends. Each of the players either takes the role of head coaches, offense captains or defense captains. But here, too, novices are warned that competitive games are played with the challenging game variant. Anyone who has the hang of it is guaranteed a lot of fun!

    Extra-Point Story Mode

    After being a FIFA enthusiast, Alex took the chance to dive into the action of the Premier League as Alex Hunter in the Premier League. In the end, EA takes the story mode in Madden 18 as well. She slips into the role of the quarterback Devin Wade hard fatal blow to the NFL. To do this, Colt Cruise, who wants to make it into the NFL as a receiver, will be part of the Regional Combine with your best friend and ex-team colleague. Afterwards, a TV station advertises to accompany you in their TV series "Longshot" and offers you an exclusive promotion program.

    During the time up to the draft you train with the quarterback legend of the Miami Dolphins Dan Marino. Sometimes, EA's flashbacks are a bit different, and EA has not had a face to face: Devil's father and coach in the Highschool, Cutter Wade is the winner of Oscar-winning Mahershala Ali (known as "Moonlight", "House of Cards" and "Luke Cage"). Although the story serves all sports movie clusters, it still provides almost four to five hours of nintendo gameplay, which could be particularly helpful for game rookies to learn the gameplay and different tactics.


    Bottom line, "Madden NFL 18" offers everything American football has to offer. To get into the most multifaceted sportsgame is probably for beginners probably not the lightest task, but it is definitely worth it! The different game variants should first be explored in the free game, before you fight in the fight against other players. Once you've understood the gameplay, however, "Madden 18" offers every football fan what he likes so much in this tactically shaped yet spectacular sport.

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