Lightning team current record of 5 wins

  • Lightning team current record of 5 wins and 6 losses, so the Ravens still have the advantage of a winning hand, but Los Angeles season remaining games schedule than the Baltimore slightly relieved. Ravens this season, the remaining five opponents total record of 23 wins and 32 losses, winning percentage of 41.8%. The five opponents, there are two winning percentage of more than 50% of the team (Detroit Lions and the Pittsburgh Steelers). The lightning team remaining five opponents this season, the total record of only 20 wins and 35 losses, winning 36.4%. Of Madden 18 Coins the five rivals, only one team won more than 50% (Kansas City Chiefs).

    Ravens The remaining races this season are: vs. Detroit Lions, currently 6-5, away to the Pittsburgh Steelers who currently record 9-2, away from the current record of 0-11 The House of Bluffs, vs. Indianapolis Colts, which currently have a 3-8 record, and the Cincinnati Bengals, who have a 5-6 record at home.