FIFA 16: What Will Price Ranges Be


    I feel like they are going to make everyone overpriced.


    Since coin-buying will be very hard or maybe even not possible, do you feel that EA will make prices too high for regular players to obtain?


    Coins will only be obtainable through playing games / packs (of course trading but it isn't directly obtaining Fut 16 coins). I think EA is going to set players prices to something crazy such as Messi (if 93) 1.5mill and Ronaldo (if 92) 2mill and it's going to be very hard to get those players.


    What do you guys think?


    In my opinion, if Ronaldo and Messi have the same stats as in 15 (obviously not going to happen but just for comparison) Messi should cost 500k and Ronaldo 600k, then work from there.


    Remember FIFA 14 when Messi under 1 million at one point? It should go back to that.