FIFA 16: Good Ideas

  • Ive seen a lot of great concepts for FIFA 16 in relation to packs , UI Menus and what not and they're all awesome and I would also like to add my 2 cents... and its about packs which I think would benefit a game.


    Right now packs are the following in regards to rating... Everyone under 65 OVR = Bronze Everyone between 66-74 = Silver Everyone Over 75 = Gold
    why don't they just change this to... Bronze = 65 and under Silver = 66 - 80 Gold = 80 and above


    This would bring more incentive to open silver packs, Now someone like Kevin Prince Boateng or Lallana might have a little more worth because they would be technically the top of their tier. And due to the fact that there are more 75-79 rated players than there are 80-85 rated players the new packs would technically give you better odds for the gold packs at least assuming EA keep the same odds and also follow my next point.


    2) ALL Consumables should be separated from Packs. In their own tiers They should have their own packs that should be available 24/7. Jumbo Consumable Packs 24 items every Friday 2000 Fifa 16 coins MAX



    3) The 25k Gold Packs (3 rare players 12 gold) should be the standard Gold pack. Eliminating 7.5k and 5k packs. Seriously 1 rare out of 12 is 0.083 percent and that's not factoring card weights and the fact that ALL other consumables also have rare items.


    Idk maybe this is just me but I feel like this could seriously help the overall complaint of packs, and odds and who knows maybe itll even help the market. Thoughts?


    The prices of silver players will be over inflated because no one will open silver packs aside from the people who already do. People open gold packs to get high rated players. This will end up making it harder to build cheap teams as good players from 70-80 will be expensive. This means the pool of players to choose would be smaller, leading to less varied squads. I think a better solution would be having another gold pack, that is more expensive, that only gives players with 80 or above overall.