Why Option Files will destroy FIFA

  • ES is better than FIFA in every way except 1 (maybe 2, I will touch on that later in this rant) - and I am talking about the current games out now.

    When it comes to licensing, FIFA are the undisputed kings. BPL, Bundesliga etc., 16,000+ players, stadiums, badges, the list goes on.

    They don't have the biggest club tournaments in the world however, Champions League, Europa, Copa Libertadores, etc...PES own those.


    PES 2016 will have option files (so far for PS4 and PS3, XBOX and PC to be announced at Gamescom), to upload authentic kits, badges, tournaments, even managers (mourinho looking smug, Wenger looking worried, Rodgers looking lost etc.) so everyone can play with the correct teams, kits, badges, stadiums AND play in the Champions League - LEGIT, in a game without bullshit, scripting, handicapping or AIDS.

    As I have said all along, EA need a kick in the balls for the shit they sell us year after year. They only understand 1 kind of pain, loss of sales.

    I for 1 will be jumping ship this year, and unless I hear they have fixed their shit game I won't be wasting any more Fifa coins or time on fifa 16.

    Oh, and the other way FIFA beat PES...they have women in the game. Not in FUT, but still.... whoarrrrrr...yeah? :/