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  •   The minimum requirements of the task, and does not include the assistance of others. Some tasks must be more than co-operation to complete. The Runescxape task is divided into three categoriesmust do the task, free task paid tasks. Will do the task only a new user login, you must complete to get to the real city. FIFA 18 Coins


            Free task for all the players to do the minimum requirements of a free task are free players can cope. Paid tasks to do for paying players only. About every month, will launch a new task, normal, all new tasks for a total for paying members. When a player completes all tasks (including free and pay-task) Level 99 skills,( Cheap RS Gold) can pay 99,000 pieces of game currency to buy task cape the specified auto players (NPC). But about launch of a new task, the cloak will disappear in the launch of the task, update, and you need to complete a new task to get the cloak, but do not need to pay to play money to earn RS Gold.Buy FIFA 17 Coins


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