How To Improve FIFA 16

  • Hi I want to talk about cut scene in this thread.
    Current cut scene of FIFA is not good. It has many points must be improved.
    I know many people hate cut scene. But I think cut scene makes the game more realistic.
    Please post your opinion for points must be improved.


    Motion in cut scene is still unnatural. Joint among motions is bad.


    End of Match
    When end of match, Player's emotion is different between league and tournament in reallife.
    More many emotion expression is needed.
    And When end of penalty shootout, players are too peaceful.


    Special Entrance
    When EA announce Barclays Premier League treatment, I expect special entrance cut scene for BPL.
    But It isn't in FIFA 15.
    I hope various special entrance cut scene is added in FIFA 16 like these pictures.



    End of Match before Cup Celebration
    When end of match, champions are pleased, opposite teams are sad. This situation is only occured in cup tournament final.
    In league, emotion of opposite team must be different depend on thier league position.
    Player motion and cut scene direction is no progress from current-gen.


    Cup Celebration
    All players have same height. Motion is awkward.
    Sub players don't need to wear vest in cup celebration.
    Goalkeeper can't raise trophy.


    Motion and Facial Animation
    Facial Animation is changed suddenly. I can't feel this is natural.
    Motion is really robotic. I can't feel players are human... They are robot.


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