RuneScape Gold Buying Scam

  • We all know that the most legal way to get RS Gold is is by obtaining it in-game by yourself. But if you want to get more RS Gold than others, you should to find some illegal way to earn golds. Today I will show you the RuneScape Gold Buying Scam in the game.


    Depending on the website, various things may happen. Some Gold Selling websites will actually take your account information (that you have given them by registering for their service) and use your account to bot for the gold you ordered on your own account.



    This will get your account banned. If you provide them with your credit card information and e-mail, they may use the information to do other not-so-good things with that information such as spam and selling your information to third parties.


    Additional Information: Thanks to RuneScape’s players, J-Mods, and the new bot catching system that targets both skilling bots and advertisement bots, the overall presence of the Gold Selling scam has dropped significantly. (But if you pass by one, just report it for Advertising Websites and ignore it).


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