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    Clash Royale: We want your input

    There are many paths to success in Clash Royale and oftentimes there is little that decides victory or defeat. But it's these details that are unfortunately overlooked, and that's exactly why we've created this comprehensive guide. It provides an overview for beginners and advanced players alike so you can have even more fun with this game. 

    Some tips might seem obvious to experienced players, but, remember, everyone has to start somewhere. 

    Write your own tips in the comments so you can discuss them with other players and help other AndroidPIT readers with their Clash Royale gameplay. We will evaluate your comments regularly and include the best ones in this guide as well as other strategies that we come up with. This guide will constantly be expanding.

    Clash Royale: Tips for beginners

    • From the start, you should try to create a balanced mix among your units. So don't just take strong units, which can cost a great deal of elixir, include some weaker, quickly regenerated ones, too.
    • Don't become panicked if your opponent is putting you under pressure or you lose a tower. He who acts hastily has already lost!
    • When only one minute remains, don't immediately throw all your units forward. Pay attention to the fact that your towers and the King's Tower (the tower in the center) are protected. 

    Hannes proposes to first use a giant and ranged troops. Then, repeat this until you have won the first tower. Then he would go on the defensive and wait and see what the opponent's move is. 

    For players who have reached level three, he recommends using so-called prince tactics. The player sends a force that can withstand a lot and then a troop with flight units. Hannes often used the balloon and thereafter used the prince. He continues to use this tactic until the enemy is defeated.

    Clash Royale: Deck tips

    Anyone who wants to enter a game of Clash Royale not only needs sophisticated tactics but also a good deck. It's important to note that there is no perfect deck out there and no perfect tactic. However, to be successful in Clash Royale, you should follow these guidelines: 

    • As mentioned in the beginner tips, don't just fight with expensive units. It's also not advisable to carry just cheap units into the battle. The key is in the balance.
    • As a rule of thumb, you should get units that are fast, units that perform well against air units, tower-destroying units and units that specialize in defense (for example, defense towers). 
    • Your cards should fit your fighting preference. If you play aggressively, take units that can move quickly. However, for those who prefer defensive tactics, utilize units that can withstand a lot of damage. But it's really about the mix.
    • Know your elixir averages so you can figure out how much time it takes to get your cards down. The lower the time, the better you'll play. clash royale cheats